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From Kitten to Cat

teeny-tiny-baby-kittenThe origins of this website can be traced back to the roots of our love for cats. According to our respective mothers, we have loved kitties since we were old enough to follow them around. Once we saw our first newborn kittens, we were in love for the first time – for a lifetime! It has continued for decades now.

Wee Ones

Having grown up on a farm, year after year, there were teeny tiny baby kittens to watch grow from kitten to cat. From that helpless, blind, deaf teeny thing to a spitfire ball of fluff in just a few short weeks. The transformation was amazing to watch each time.

Now, all these years later, the love of felines young and old continues. No longer living on the farm, I miss out on those earliest days of kittenhood when the eyes and ears are not functioning yet.  I miss the “fluffy spitfire” stage. Nonetheless, I still love my cats and the memories of many a barn kitty and her numerous litters of barn kittens.

The Barn Kitty

The barn kitty’s job was to help control the population of barn mice. The momma kitty would diligently teach her kittens to hunt and catch mice.  That was part of the entertainment as a child growing up on a farm — watching the kittens play tag with the baby mice.

Rapidly Growing Kittens Have Special Needs

We now know that kittens have special needs to grow up strong and healthy.  They need food that is designed to meet the demands of such rapid growth and development as a kitten goes from the equivalent of a human newborn to a human fifteen-year-old in just twelve short months. Not only are their bodies changing, but they need to learn how to socialize with humans in order to do well as a pet in a human household.

Socialization is Important

Left to their own devices, not all kittens turn out to be sweet, loving lap cats. If they snarling catare not taught in those early weeks that humans are their friends, they may forever be skittish and uneasy around people they do not know — and maybe even ones they should know.

In an effort to support anyone who wants to learn to raise a kitten from the tiniest, earliest  age to a full grown adult pet, we are constantly on the look out for better and better quality products and research that guides the selections for this website. Some products may be rotated off the site when we locate others that provide scientific evidence of being more effective, healthier, or better for the growing or grown cat.

Unique Needs of Elder Cats

cat-sleeping-in-cat-bedAs cats grow beyond the age of seven years, they enter into their “senior citizen” age span.  These elder cats have specific needs — needs that are different from kittens and from their younger adult counterparts. They often have ailments common to elderly humans — such as arthritis, infections, and diabetes — to name a few.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide solid information in the articles as well as top quality products in our store.  Each article will have been reviewed by a fully qualified, licensed veterinarian prior to its release on this website.  You can rest assured that what you read on this site is solid, reliable information.

We look forward to helping you and your feline friends grow up and remain healthy and strong for many years. We hope you will fall in love with your feline friend(s) for a lifetime (or two). If you do, I guarantee decades of love and devotion as well as never ending moments of entertainment interspersed among many, many cat naps!

Zona B. Taylor

Founder, FromKittentoCat.com

Author, Itty Bitty Kitty at Home (now available on Amazon.com)

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